How much water to drink?

  • I'm 146 Lbs. 11% body fat. I'm curious to see what you say about the amount of water. So much stuff on Google, I cannot get a clear answer. I know in the summer you need more due to sweating Vs. Winter.
    But my HUGE QUESTION is how much should I drink while working out??? Is 1 gallon ok? Or is that TOO MUCH? I don't want to overhydrate. Is there an EXACT number I should shoot for based on my weight? And how much daily? I'm excited to hear what you say! Thanks Jay!!! 

  • Personnally, I drink 1L of water in the morning on my empty stomach. At least 1L at the Gym, and 2L throughout the day. 1 gallon a day 💪

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    I used to drink up to 2 gallons a day... I would say to just make sure you are getting plenty of water between each meal.... thats the key hard to say exactly how much each person needs depending on activity and metabolism



  • @Jay Cutler Hi Bro. OK Champ! I realize I'm not drinking enough. I'm a policeman and some of my working days can be very physical, I train 6 times a week and 5 cardio too... I'm obviously not drinking enough water! I'm going to go up to a minimum of 5L a day (1.3 galllons) and gradually increase over the next few months 💪. 

  • @Jay Cutler Ok, sounds good! I will definitely incorporate my hydrating between meals. Thank you Jay!!! 

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