Fruit ( Apples and Bananas ) and Pasta

  • I want to ask, I don't see any fruits in the diet plan. I only eat apples or bananas but have virtually cut them out since I've been on the " Get Shredded Extreme ". Pretty sure I've heard you say Pasta is a good carb. Haven't eaten it in a long time, but I would like to start adding it. Anything about apples or bananas, or fruit that is not good for bodybuilding? I've been doing CHICKEN and RICE Pre/Post! 👍 Most likely won't change it, but I do wonder if Pasta is a good Pre-workout??? My High School football coach used to tell us to eat pasta before the game. Please help! Curious what you have to say about fruits and Pasta. Thank you Jay! 

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    @Scott Pretopapa sometimes when you getting lean you want to stay on sources that are less and sugars and processed so we tend to stay in carbohydrates like oatmeal sweet potatoes in such that are low in glycemic index make sense?


    I was always eatinmg fruit and pasta to get big in off season.

  • Amazing cool answer once again! I appreciate it Jay! Thanks! 

  • @Scott Pretopapa hi Bro. Yeah yeah, there is 1 fruit in the plan, for the first meal (Jay recommends grapefruit, pineapple and berries in his E-book). Personnally I eat banana and pasta like Jay, in off-season. 

  • I'm guessing similar fruits like pomelo would be alright. It seems the main point is to keep sugars low. 

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