Get Shredded Extreme is WORKING! 💪😃 Week 2. Muscle UP… Fat… DOWN!

  • Just got my first scan after my Base Scan. Started off with an EXPLOSION!!! 👊💣🔥💪😃 Fat went down. Muscle went UP! ⬆️💪 Jay, if you read this... my legs were so sore I could not do the Fasted/Am Cardio 4 days. I could not even walk. But other than that I followed it on track. Meal prep and no more Post-Shake. Packing meals in my Cutler Gym Bag. Started at 12.8% body fat. GOAL... 5.0%! And BIG MUSCLE GAINS!!! Been watching motivational videos of you and Ronnie Coleman and Nasser, and Branch Warren. BEEN SUPER INSPIRING! I love how the workouts are EXPLOSIVE! Been giving it my All! Let's GO!!! 😡👊💪😃Scan Results. Muscle UP ⬆️💪 Fat Down!

  • Very inspiring! 

  • Thanks Bro! Really loving the way Jay teaches! And all the tips and points! It's LIFE CHANGING material! @Damien Martinez 

  • @Scott Pretopapa hi bro. I personnally start my Get Shredded Extreme Plan Sunday march 3rd 💪💪💪16 beautiful weeks! 

  • Super inspiring that you are sharing 💪

  • @Kenneth Nielsen Thanks Bro! This is fun. I'm really happy to be a part. Very happy with my  decision to join Cutler Club and buy the ebooks! 👍👍👌 So much stuff out there... I'm happiest learning from a 4x Mr. Olympia over any local trainer. Or anyone else. 

  • @Damien Martinez GO GET IT Bro!!!! 👊🔥 Get it like a MANIAC!!!! Intensity!!!! 👊💪🏋🏻😃 

  • Where do you get a scan done? I'm two days into the 4-day split of Shredded Extreme with tomorrow being my first rest day. I've been working out regularly since September of last year after a long time of beer curling.... the point is I thought I was doing a lot and on the right track since I lost 22kg since then and made some gains... nah this Shredded Extreme is as it the name says, EXTREME and I love it! 

  • @Scott Pretopapa 3rd week over 💪💪

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