• Do you think it's possible to build legs without squats? Knees hurt for about 3 days afterward so thinking about nixing squats. (Not bodybuilding just trying to look jacked in my 40s! 😂)

    Obviously my form is probably the issue (as I'm tall) but if you think it's pretty important to include them I may keep with light weight and play with my angles 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Leg press, leg extensions, leg curls, light rdls seem to be the least bothersome to the knees but not sure if that's enough.


  • Well that didn't age well.... just saw content that you said "YES" squats are necessary! 😬

  • I cut out squats years ago. Bad back. Leg press, hacks (if your gym has one) leg extensions and weighted step ups. Mule kicks and lunges also work. That being said, I wish I could still squat.

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    Yes, there are so many vaiations today then the standard squat bro... Do I prefer them? YES


    But if you can't what can you do that does not bother ur knees... let me know.

  • I do squat, but I really do not go heavy. 

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