what types of cardio to use

  • hello, 


    just became a Cutler club member and i`m loving it thanks for creating it.

    i went over the extreme shred diet, and i saw the 2x a day cardio recommendation. But what type of cardio is recomended?

    are we talking about higher heartrate cardio like a stairmaster or just walking?

    also at what time duration would the starting point be 2x 30 Min.

    i couldnt find it in the plan, or did i miss it.

    thanks in advance.

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    30 min is good once a day usually.... Don't worry about anything too crazy just steady cardio to keep metabolism up

  • @dylan althoff I recommend you the fast walking on an empty stomach the morning : fantastic routine! I do it between 5-6h am 😎

  • @Jay Cutler thanks for the input greatly appreciated.

  • @Damien Martinez thanks for the input, i`d value my sleep since i can`t get in bed earlier then 10 pm so waking at 5 for cardio cuts into my sleep which i don`t want.

    So i do cardio post workout. but also walk fast ish, 30 minutes at noon. 

  • @dylan althoff cardio after workout is the 2nd best option for planning your cardio 💪

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