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  • Hi Jay,

    Could you please post videos of you doing reverse lunges, split stance RDLs and military presses? Wanted to make sure I get these right.

    Thank you!

  • I'm not Jay obviously lol. But, if you go to the club homepage scroll down and click on hamstrings their's a couple of reverse lunge clips (Barbell and dumbell).

  • Josh, thank you for helping :). 

    Michael, do you ever go to the live calls with J...?

    The split stance RDL is the biggest one to get right here - you simply do a regular dumbbell RDL, with one foot a foot length in front of the other, then alternatve for the other side. This puts more tension on one hamstring over the other.

    Here is a link -

  • Thanks fellas for jumping in here.

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