Started Mass-ter plan.

  • So I started the Mass-Ter plan in the diet section. The day 1 workout was great. Simple and effective. I'm looking to add a few pounds before contest next year. Since I am fairly lean still I started at a higher calorie amount. I am doing 3850, however trying to get all the carbs in is becoming quite difficult. Currently at 190 at 8%., even at 1.5 x lb of lean weight it was only 262 grams of protein so I put that up to 300 and I also upped my fats to 90 grams instead of the 52.5. Its only been a few days, however it seems to be a good start. With the added protein (beef, fish, chicken, eggs etc..) it was very difficult to keep the fat low. I will re-evaluate at the end of next week, however are the changes I made reasonable? 

    thank you

  • How has this worked for you bro?

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