Training days planning

  • Hi, and thank you for creating and running such a great training resource. I am a passionate bodybuilder from Australia, keen to chase some more gains.
    I am a paramedic and rather often duration of our shifts blows out of proportion, which leaves me with little to no energy to train. What would be best, to skip the day or try to train best way I can? 
    Thanks in advance for your kind advice.

  • @Kristina Truesdale I would really use judgment to be honest... some workouts you can just cruise.... sometimes something is better than nothing... other days you may just skip.... the only issue if this is many consecutive days... thats when it becomes an issue... understand?

    I am curious if this is a once a week thing or several times a week....?

  • I usually work 4-5 shifts in a row, 2 of 6am-6 pm, then one or two 11 am to 11 pm and then 6pm to 6 am nights to finish the rotation. I then have 3 days off. I usually plan my training to hit main workouts on my days off, with 6 pm finishes to be my "catch up" days, 11 am to 11 pm usually means 3 am knock off time so that's a useless day, and I could train before nights just fine. All was cool until Covid hit and 6 pm now often becomes 9 pm, night shifts finish any time they feel like, and the whole schedule is basically disrupted. Sometimes it can be one or two shifts, and sometimes the whole rotation of shifts includes too much overtime. I still keep going best way I can but I would appreciate your opinion on how I could potentially work around hardest days not to miss too many days and not to disrupt training too much. Thank you very much I really appreciate your help. I've achieved a lot already but there's a lot of work to do for me. Planning my first show at 41 years old. 

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