How much liquid egg whites in a protein shake do you do? Also, how much for eggs for breakfast like as a meal?

  • Hi Jay,


    My name is Kevin. I know you talk about this all the time in your YouTube videos etc., but do you put just a cup of liquid egg whites in your protein shake and egg meals, right? Hopefully, I don't bother you by asking you to repeat this information.


    Thank you and sincerely from a huge fan Kevin.

  • @Kevin Strom I do at least 1 cup.... maybe add a bit of water and ice... I do have 2 whole eggs cooked along side of this also....

  • @Jay Cutler Hi Jay. When I'm off-season, one of my 6 meals is a smoothie, inspired by your recipe. In oat milk, I mix 80gr of oats, 1 banana, 1 spoon of peanut butter, 1 dose of whey and 6 egg whites (or sometimes yogurt). Super effective!!!! 💪💪

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