Mass-Ter plan

  • After. Completing all 3 phases I decided to get Jay's Mass-Ter plan. I'm gaining more size I'm now 239 LBS. Shooting for 250 then shred to 240-245 and then go compete. So far the Mass-Ter plan is the best money we'll spent. Arms alittle over 19 inches, chest 51 inches, waste 36 inches,  thighs 28 inches, neck 18 1/2 inches. My diet is dialed in and I'm continuing to make those gains. All natty of course. Good luck to everyone. Anything is possible if you have the right mindset 💯. 

  • That quad day is for realz!!! GAINZ!!


    Great work man! Keep it up

  • @Lou Parmelee is the 1.5 sets of standing calf raise for week 9-12 correct on quad day? Let me know if you got the correction if it had to be

  • I love to hear the success stories my e-books were written off pure trial and error. My suggestions in my routines I've used over and over and over with great success throughout my bodybuilding career and retirement.

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