• Rant. So I found out today my urologist was full of shit. For the last 3 years I've been taking a compound cream, my test number was 180 and the doctor, who was highly recommended for urology, assured me it's how I feel not the number.  I feel good bc I had my training and macros on lock.  Wasn't really building muscle only strength. Figured it was my age.  When I was first assigned trt 3 years ago I started also taking my fitness and nutrition serious. I'm 44 years old. I finally made an appointment with a clinic and I'm starting over.  I am in good shape for a borderline eunuch lol my brother said I'll be a house on real trt.  Rant over. 

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    I am curious to hear how this comes together brother.... don't get too pissed.... you will resolve it brother.



  • @Jay Cutler thanks!  Im only going to be more focused now. I was a member of your Facebook group and followed your instructions to the letter.  If i can do it at 180t i can't wait to see what happens at 800t🔥🔥So I guess my "after" pics will be the new "before" pics🤣🤣💪💪💪

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    Keep us updated...

  • Wayne, I'm curious to know how this goes as well. I come from a similar starting T level. 

    Do you plan to stick with a topical solution or have you considered orals / intramuscular injection? They all have pros and cons to them. 

  • @Nathan Franke I'm very excited to start training this week. I will not go back to topical, I figure if I'm going to be scientific about it, injectable is the most precise.  I know it doesn't "kick in" for a few weeks out or so, but I've made so much progress on dieting and consistency alone that this is like a whole new adventure. For example,  I'm 44 years old and I never do 1RM. I'm repping sets of 8 to 10 225lb on bench and 110lbs 8 to 10 curls. My leg press machine I do sets of 15 to 20 at 5 or 600lbs. Super slow full range movements. I count all my macros and even though i don't always hit them i never go and have cheat meal weekends lol.  All on 180t. 3.3 free t.

  • @Nathan Franke I've now been on injectable subq .20ml every other day for 4 weeks now.  Took a blood test the other day and my T is 596! The strength and stamina levels are creeping up. So is my weight though and I'm making it a point to eat better🤷‍♂️ I was prescribed clomiphene but when I got home I read up on it and decided against it, but I'm here looking to see if anybody else takes it? Any experience?

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