Arm day..

  • I just killed arms, wow. Did 20 working sets for Tris, and then 20 sets for biceps.  4 exercises for each, 5 working sets each. I started to feel kinda woozy in the middle of the workout, since i'm not used to that much volume, but I wanted to crank up the volume since I'm on week 2 now, and new to this program.


    I'm thinking of maybe devoting a day to Triceps, and a day to Biceps, so that it's not a total of 40-48 sets in a single workout (Bi's and Tri's together). Since I'm a natty and always have been, I'm wondering if this will work better for me. I could do triceps one day, then biceps the next, and put more effort into each. 

    Has anyone tried this? I can't wait to put more size on!


  • I normally do tri and bi together but the shred workout has them on opposite days. Doing them on the same days gives a crazy pump, however i find that doing them on opposite days let's me focus more on progressing with weight because the arm is not as fatigued. Good luck with you training💪🏼💪🏼⚡️

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    See how you respond... It depends on your total trianing days too ;)

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