• Is it normal to always be sore for days after a training session?

  • Yes. Just make sure your getting enough sleep and your nutrition is on point.

  • Soreness should eventually become comfortable discomfort, not pain and immobility. When you change things up, you may have a day or so of more intense discomfort, but as you adapt to your routine it should never be a pain the limits how you function daily.

  • @Charles Sorre  you can buy ice packs that have a velcro strap, i rotate two of them for sore muscles. After ice immediately take as hot of a bath as i can stand to sit in for ten mins. If I get extremely sore or have a problem spot icy hot patches with Lydocain are the shit! Good luck with your training bro, Keep going hard 💪🏼💪🏼⚡️

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    Yep! You will adapt to the volume though. Walking really helps with DOMS, hydrating, hitting your meals AND of course sleep. 

  • I actually love the soreness, lol. Just wondering if it was normal to have it for any days after.

  • Soreness is good. Means you did something.  I stay sore and love it. But the body part I'm working for the day is refreshed for the workout. Also what helps with Soreness if it's too much is ice, heat and stretching.  I usually get sore the second day from the workout I did. 

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