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  • Hi everybody,
    I'm new to the club, and just getting started on the shred program. Can anyone dumb down how to calculate the food for me? For example, I'm 177lbs lean weight. This puts my needs for protein at 212g? What I don't get is how to break down the protein, carbs and fats for each meal. Are we going by the nutrition labels info? Is a "half cup of rice" cooked or uncooked? I'm realizing why people dislike changing items in their meals also, it takes time to re-calculate everything.

  • Take your total protein divide it 5 or 6 meal. Carbs take your total divide into 4 meals. Carb put them first meal, pre & post workout meals. Then next meal. Last meal of the day no carbs. Fat divide them through out the day  I keep fat low like Jay recommend to do. 

    I would recommend you purchase Jay's extreme diet book. He lays out the meals workouts and tells what to do if your stuck and not dropping  fat. Good luck!

  • @Ron Graves Thank you man, appreciate that brother.

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    @James Cotton so what I would suggest is I always weighed my meat pre-cooked and I always measured my carbs cooked for example the rice. I think it comes down to body composition so I think maybe post up a couple pictures and it will help you decide if you need to be cutting Down and keeping most of the calories around the workouts. I assume you're trying to lean down and maintain as much muscle as possible, the protein carbs and fats all need to be spread out through the day preferably in five or six meals.

  • @Jay Cutler Thank you Jay, that helps alot. I'm sitting around 23% body fat right now and that's why I want to start cutting. I don't feel the need really to put on any more mass, but definitely need to lose some fat. I don't get why macros are so hard for me to understand. My difficulty really is with the conversions. For example, this is my breakdown for small body part workout days based off of your Get Shredded Extreme Plan:

    Lean body weight 176.4lbs
    Meal 1 6am-- 35g P/ C- 35.5g/ F-11.83g
    Meal 2 9am-- 35g P/ C- 35.5g/ F-11.83g
    Meal 3 12pm-- 35g P/ C- 35.5g/ F-11.83g
    Meal 4 3pm-- 35g P/ C- 53g/ F-11.83g
    Meal 5 6pm-- 35g P/ C- 53g/ F-11.83g
    Meal 6 9pm--(No Carbs) 35g/ F-11.83g

    How do you take this info and weigh the protein out? I now understand from your post the protein is weighed raw, but 35grams of meat on the scale seems like nothing? Am I missing a piece of the conversion? I'm sure this is a common sense situation and I'm way over thinking it, but I just don't get it.

  • Funny thing, I actually just went on myfitnesspal and input what I ate. My conversion was actually pretty acurate (according to them). Day 1 down... 

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    35g of protein from the meat bro... The 35 meaning that's the macronutrient number. The weight of meat to achieve that will be much higher.

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