Eating the correct amount and working long hours

  • I work 50-60 hours a week as a restaurant manager. Access to food is easy and I don't have to pay. This is great. The trouble is finding the time to eat the amount of meals required to keep the metabolism running. I've been sticking to pretty much the same diet. Breakfast is 6 whole eggs and two pieces of what toast. Normally I drink a couple of protein shakes and then for dinner its normally either two pieces of sirloin, salmon or chicken breast with a green vegetable and some rice. Where is this problematic and how can I improve this? I am big but I am still having problems cutting the weight I want too. Thanks. 

  • @Jack Stevenson Hi Jack. I imagine you're standing all day and your job is very physical. How many times do you train per week? Do you sleep well at night? Nutrition is very important, but so is training, rest and sleep. Do you think all these points are OK? Another very important factor is of course mental : not having stress, not being surrounded by useless people etc... 

  • I work in retail 50 hours week, so I can understand where you're coming from. When I was cutting I put together a meal plan on paper and follow it to T. I don't know your training or sleep but their important. What I would do get up really early train fasted with repair and do 45 minutes cardio and have totally iso. Then I would have all my meals packed and ready for the day. Since you get meals free take advantage of it. I was able to lose 50 pounds by doing this. I hope this help. I wish you the best.

  • @Damien Martinez I sleep about 6 hours day and train 4 days a week 2-3 hours per session. As far as being around useless people that one is hard to avoid 😂.

  • @Ron Graves yeah I need to pick up the cardio I have been slacking. Thanks for the advice I will start implementing more running. 

  • @Jack Stevenson I understand! 😉

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    Jack, what is your weight right now and height?

  • @Team Cutler I am 6'1 around 265. Pretty big arms. Naturally large traps. Having trouble getting rid of the belly. A would say muscular dad bod would be an apt description.

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    @Jack Stevenson I would just say you have to find what makes it work. Following a super strict program for 10+ weeks could be very beneficial to you I know it's a lot and you're limited with time because of your job but it only takes a couple minutes to chow down a meal and sometimes those meals aren't always heated like when I'm on the plane or just in a rush in the car

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    @Jack Stevenson The diet you listed is reasonably solid, but it depends if that is 7 days a week, week after week. As Jay said, the consistency is everything. At 265, it should come off easily!

  • @Ron Graves was it hard for you to train fasted? I tried it once, with the high volume, and I felt light headed and dizzy.

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    @Charles Sorre your body can adapt quite well. Perhaps intra-workout carbs can help you, if you're lean enough...

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