Awesome Live this morning

  • Today's live was great! Easy to access and after a bit of instruction the chat worked great as well. Excellent topics and motivation. If you didn't catch it live be sure to watch the replay.

  • I'm watching it now. Weather is bad out here in Michigan today so I chose to go to the gym early for arm day. Kinda sad though. As a new member this was my first opportunity to catch a live feed. I'll try to make the next one. I did manage to snag 5 lbs of Fruity cereal protein and a bottle of 9-zymes for 50 something dollars. Insane value there.

  • Steve and Joshua. Yes, it was a nice one. This is my third live. I love it!!! Have a great weekend guys!!

    Joshua, where are you in Michigan? I am in Indiana.

  • Clare county. About an inch and a half above the palm of your hand if you use the Michigan hand map lol.

  • Definitely good to hear some good motivation to start the day. 

  • Keep killing it guys

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