DeLoad week

  • Starting deload week of my 4 day split. I really like how switching from 5 days to 4 has helped my recovery, attitude and interest. Between work and starting some school classes ( looking at a new part time job opportunity after retirement). This fits my current lifestyle and makes me want to go to the gym. I no longer feel like it is a chore that must get done. A good mental outlook is just as important as the physical work.

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    Good insight.... thanks for sharing bro

  • Congrats on retirement Steve,  it's important now more then ever to keep your mind and body suitably occupied to avoid deterioration.


    Keep up the great work!!



  • Fuz, thanks brother. Not quite to retirement yet. Looking at a couple years still. I am just taking classes so I can transition into something I want to do instead of what I have to do. Looking at getting certified through NASM so I can do some personal training. I enjoy helping people and being in the gym. I also want the flexibility to choose how much work I want during a given period.

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