Get Shredded Extreme Plan 2024!

  • Hi everybody. Tomorrow, Sunday March 3rd, I start phase 1 of the "get shredded extreme plan". It's off to a wonderful 16 weeks! I'll keep you informed of my progress every 4 weeks.

    I'm currently at 1m81 (about 6 feet), 43 years old, 92.4kg (about 203 Ibs), and about 18% body fat. Here we go!!! 

  • @Damien Martinez I just did 8 weeks. Amazing program! I got awesome results Bro, LET'S GOOOO!!!! 👍💪😃

  • @Scott Pretopapa kill it 💪

  • Hello, I tried posting this question on a similar topic but decided to delete it there and ask here since this one has more recent activity. I'm trying to figure out the diet numbers. My body fat percentage is 21.9 and I weigh 93kg which makes the lean body mass 73kg. The guide says "That is then the number you multiply the daily numbers by. You then spread those numbers across the meals, as the 
    structure shows" What numbers? what am I missing? Also, I'm not very good at math. Can someone help me out here? I want to start this crazy journey tomorrow. 

  • @Lucas Musser Bro, you had the numbers CORRECT on the one you deleted! Spot on Bro! I'm really good at math.  If 29% was your bodyfat %.
    Personally... Instead of the 145.55 Lbs. I would just say " 145 " and keep the decimals out. 👍 I answered to your question and your comment disappeared... 

    You had it right at 145 if you weigh 205 with 29% bodyfat. 
    Take the 145 and multiply it by 1.2 ( protein ), 1.2-1.4 ( carbs ) and the fat of .2 or .4 and this = grams of protein, carbs, and fat per Lb of lean body weight. 
    YOU GOT THIS BRO!!! Go get it!!! 👊🔥🏋🏻💪 INTENSE as possible! 👊😡👍😃 

  • @Scott Pretopapa Thanks that clarifies it! I was overthinking it and wanted some confirmation that I was getting it right. I just bought the book last night when I got the email. 💪

  • 3rd week over for me! Tomorrow I start DELOAD Week, then begin phase 2. I'll let you know the results of the 1rd month 💪

  • I just finished my first week and did my weigh-in today. I lost 1kg and readjusted my macros... went from 193g of protein down to 182g. Does anyone have a good way to measure lean body mass? I've been using the online calculator.... the same thing with the body fat calculator. 

  • @Lucas Musser for me, the best tool for measuring bodyfat is the skinfold forceps. Sorry, I don't know if the name of this tool is correct in English. 

  • I just started week 3 and I've noticed some changes in how it feels. The leg day is still brutal by the time I get to squats I still have yet to get through all 5 sets but I'm getting closer. DOMS isn't such an issue anymore as it was in the first week but the muscle fatigue is real. I'm fully recovered by the next week so everything is good on that front. I've lost weight and then gained back some but my body composition has changed and all my measurements are going well except my waist but whatever I know it will happen. 

  • @Lucas Musser unfortunately, there's no such thing as localized weight loss. All you need is patience and perseverance. Consistency is the key! Courage to you bro 💪💪

  • Personally, this is my Phase 1 report. In 4 weeks, I went from 92.4kg (about 203 Ibs) to 87.5kg (about 192 Ibs) and from about 18% to 14% bodyfat. I'm very happy. Let's go for phase 2!

  • @Damien Martinez I wish I could lose body fat as easily as you I am following the diet and I even bought/read Eat Like A Pro... I guess everybody is different.. maybe I'll hit a huge shed phase 😂 Stay positive and keep moving forward 💪

  • @Lucas Musser thank you very much for the compliment, the goal for me is to get the "6 pack" (for years I've only gotten the "4 pack" lol), and lose as little muscle mass as possible. 

  • @Damien Martinez I just finished week 3 today and this workout is full on. I thought in the past I was going hardcore 😂 

  • @Lucas Musser Jay's plans are very effectives!! 

  • I'm going into week 5 tomorrow morning and I can say that I've noticed some small advances in my body already! 💪

  • @Lucas Musser very good news bro 💪💪. For my part, I'm starting my 8th week this Sunday. This is the 1st year I've managed to keep so much muscle mass while getting leaner and leaner 😎. Trust the process! 

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