• Jay, I have bad news I have to have tricep tendon repair/reattach on June 14th. Three months ago I fell walking my dogs and went to ER and doctor said bad bruise, but later have lost strength in my right arm and have big knot in my tricep. The orthopedic surgery said I will not be able to lifting nothing on my right arm for 12 weeks and return back to lifting 5 to 6 month. She said I could do Lower body all I want. My plan is to train the left side once week and do my legs once week and keep up my clean diets. How do  I go about not loosing muscle mass since I won't be able to not train my right side for 5 or 6 months. I know you had biceps tear and have experience in this area. I appreciate your help and anyone else that has gone through surgery. 

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    Ron... sorry to hear brother.... unfortunatley many of us been thru this.... keep ur head up we are hear to support you!!!

  • @Jay Cutler Thanks Jay!

  • @Ron Graves get well soon Ron! I wish you courage and patience 💪

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