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  • Hello Jay,

    I use resistance bands in 80% of my workouts. I use dumbbells for certain movements, hammer curls is one. I also use the hammer strength chest and shoulder press with lighter weight. I’ll be 50 this year and as I age he gets harder to lift medium to heavy weight. I try to keep it simple.
    Is this a smart approach?

  • I'm not Jay, but I can tell you this. I got back in the weight game when I was 52 (6) years ago. I could not lift nearly as much as I did 20 years prior. My weights really have not increased very much over the 6 years, but my body composition has dramatically. You can make even the lighter weights feel heavier with additional reps and tempo. It really works and best of all no nagging injuries or joint pain. I hope this helps

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    I don't really mess with bands but for constant tension that be amazing!!!

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