Scared to eat. Muscle gain Fat Loss???

  • So I have lost 210lbs going from 418lbs to 205lbs. I know to add size and muscle I need to eat!!! My mental problem is when I see the scale number go up it scares the hell out of me since I have come so far with my weight loss. I know if the scale goes up its not necessarily fat gain and that it's most likely muscle gainif I do the right thing with my nutrition and workouts. I am currently working out 4/5 days a week. I try to do 20-25 sets per body part. How do I know I am losing fat even though the scale number might be going up. Is there a way to calculate the fat loss and muscle gain. Be so heavy has really mentally messed me up but I really would love to add a good amount of size and even at 51 years of age have somewhat of the body I always dreamed of having. The no shirt at the beach type of body which I never in my life was able to do. Appreciate all and any advice!! Thank you!!

  • Honestly there's a lot of ways if you want to really following body fat testing procedures but honestly I think the mirror is our best judge. If I was to start bumping up calories and adding I would put them in specifically around my workouts or first thing in the morning and like I said I've always followed a low fat moderate protein moderate carbohydrate diet with the most success. I know my genetics may be extraordinary or persons may look at using enhancements and what not but what I can tell you is I've always had great success with this type of method.

  • @Jay Cutler I'm really confused about the carnivore diet. Do you think it's worth trying?

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