Post Workout Glucose/Protein Shake.

  • I'm a new member and very excited to be in Cutler Club! I have a HUGE question! I've heard you say you mostly just go eat right away after the workout. And also that you drank a quick Coca Cola for the sugar. Here in St. Louis 1st Phorm is very popular. Their headquarters is here. They have a product called " Ignition ". It is a Glycogen Restore powder. Very popular among bodybuilders around here. Everyone uses it in their Post-Shake. I'm currently doing the Jay Cutler " Get Shredded Extreme ". 
    My question is THIS... Should I just go eat right away and skip the shake? Or if I drink the shake ( immediately, since I carry it in my Jay Cutler gym bag ) do those numbers ( carbs and protein ) count towards my Post-meal? Or should I still keep 20-30% of my daily carbs in the Post-Meal anyway? And if I do the shake... still MUST EAT WITHIN 1 hour???? Please help. Thanks Jay! 

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    I eat right after to be honest.... if I know I have a delay in rswal food I will suggest the "shake" but do you need it if you have a good short window??  NO 

    I prefer the chicken and white rice approach after the gym withing 45 min... make sense?



  • @Jay Cutler Thank you so much!!! Been prepping my meals. Been bringing meals with me also, eating them asap! I haven't done a shake in a long time. I really appreciate the reply. 

  • @Jay Cutler I'm on the right track. Chicken and rice meals already prepared for Pre-Post! 👍 With 25% of daily carbs. 1.2% of protein, Body weight minus body fat. Thanks again! 

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