How many Showers & Laundry does Jay go through in a Day?

  • Greetings Jay

    So from what I can tell you get 3 seperate workouts in a day ( AM/PM cardio, Gym session) 2 questions. 

    How much dirty clothing do you go through in a day/week? and how do you handle it all?

    When it comes to showering, how are you able to keep a good head of hair with all that rinsing off you have to do ? 

    Thanks for you any help with this

    P.S. ( I am trying to follow the same workout pattern and i am drenched after each session. ) 

  • I actually shower before and after each weight workout... so basically 2x a day.... if I was training several times.... than that obv be different.... laundry is done daily in the eve pretty much ( I prefer to stay ahaead LOL)


    Least you arent wearing the same swaety clothes over and over like some gym goers ..... LOL

  • Yea that seems about right! hahaha 

    Thank goodness for having laundry machines at home and not having to go to a laudrymate. 

    Thanks for the response.

  • @Jay Cutler 😂 "smell like a flower" 🤮

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