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  • I'm currently doing the Shredded Extreme 16-week program and I'm about halfway through. One of my primary goals with bodybuilding is to lose fat and then build muscle. I started lifting regularly back in September of 2023 after my 46th birthday and I weighed in at 115kg of mostly fat. I had a regular program and an attempt at a diet which gave me some results. Fast forward to I think March of this year and I started my current program and saw immediate results in weight loss and strength. My question is this, if I still haven't lost enough fat by the end of 16 weeks, is it ok to start the 16 weeks over? Or should I go to a maintenance cycle like the High Volume Training 8 week first then back to the 16 weeks? 

  • @Lucas Musser Hi Bro. I'm in the same situation as you (11th week of the plan for me). Personnally, I'm thinking of continuing the Shredded Extreme Plan diet for a few weeks and doing what you've doing for "high volume training 8 weeks". 

  • @Damien Martinez the doctor cleared me of the pneumonia but said that I still have to take it easy and maybe only do some light cardio until the cough clears completely. I explained about my exercise regiment and she said definitely wait until the cough is gone or you'll be back here again. 

  • @Damien Martinez Today is May 23 and I'm thinking that I'm healed up enough to continue my exercise routine again. I'll be going back in on the 28th for a four-in-a-row week instead of the regular rest day midweek. Do you still think that picking up on my deload week is a good plan? Or just start over? I'm weighing in at 92-95kg still and I want to get to around 75-80kg before I try stacking on some muscle for real. The Shredded Extreme plan allows me to lose weight and lift while building that lift mentality. 

  • @Lucas Musser I'm glad to read all this 😎. I think it's reasonable for you to resume on a deload week : you've gone several days without weightlifting 💪

  • @Damien Martinez how are your results with the workout plan? I'm restarting on Monday, June 17 because after I recovered from pneumonia I had my son's bday and then my staycation. Now everything is over and I'm in good health so there are no excuses. 

  • @Lucas Musser very happy to read this Bro! For my part, I'm on my 16th and final week. The results are fantastic, I'll publish them next Monday. I'll continue with 12 weeks of maintenance. Same diet as the "shredded extreme plan", only one cardio per day and six workouts per week. 

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