Get Shredded Extreme Plan 2024!

  • @Lucas Musser we're not giving up Bro 💪

  • @Damien Martinez I got diagnosed with a mild case of pneumonia today and the doctor said I can't go into the gym for one week because I need to rest. What can I do to catch up after that? I was thinking maybe add another week or redo my deload week that I'm on now. What do you think?

  • @Lucas Musser hi Lucas. First of all, cheer up Bro for your recovery. I think you need to do some light cardio this week (5 sessions of 30-minutes fast walking) and stay well hydrated. All this will help you eliminate the mucus and heal faster. And then you should restart your training week with a DELOAD week. It'll be perfect 💪💪😎

  • @Damien Martinez thanks for your advice man, being sick is really frustrating. 

  • @Lucas Musser you're welcome. Good luck with your recovery, you'll be back at the Gym soon 💪

  • Since Sunday, I've started the final four weeks 😎💪💪. Jay could have called it Hell four weeks lol. This is my Phase 3 report : in 12 weeks, I went from 203 Ibs to 192 Ibs and from about 18% to 10% bodyfat. 

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