Post workout carbs when cutting

  • I'm currently using the get shredded extreme guide for this year's contest prep. It's working great so far. But was curious about what carb source to use with my post workout shake.  I've been using oat powder (I toss oats in my food processor) and total iso pwo. Then eat some chicken and jasmine rice about an hour later. Just curious if I should use dextrose in place of the oats, or if it really matters? Thanks for any input. 

  • @Jay Hahn I would use dextrose immediatley after the gym to replenish glycogen. It doesnt have to be a large amount. i do 50g of carbs for example usually. If you are training  with volume you need to replenish immediatly.

  • @Jay Cutler awesome, thanks for info. It's appreciated! 

  • @Jay Hahn consider having the dextrose in isolation with the protein too, before the oats because they can slow down the replenishment process. 

  • @Jay Cutler, off-season, what do you think of using fructose (a fresh fruit juice for example) immediately after workout? 

  • @Damien Martinez I use to have applesause or a banana..... this can work if you arent holding too much bodyfat.

  • @Jay Cutler thank you bro for the advice! I will apply it as soon as my "Jay Cutler's ripped to shreds plan" is over! 

  • @Jay Cutler random delayed follow-up question for this...but just curious if you would drop the dextrose closer to a show or run it all the way through? I have heard and been told before that dextrose and artificial sweetners etc should be dropped a few weeks out from contest time.

  • This will depend on how lean you are, those simply carbs around the workoiut can support recovery/performance. As you get leaner, you also get more insulin sensitive which is good for carb tolerance. However, if you need to drop calories, then maybe it goes...

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