Just to set things straight

  • Hello everyone and sorry for being absent so long.There have been some really difficult situations these past months with my mom passing away and my little son with certain health issues.I have been criticized before for trying to look that I had amazing progress or sth like that by a certain member of this forum.In free translation I was called a fake or anything similar.I chose not to engage in any kind of argument for 2 reasons.First of all I never pictured myself as super guy with amazing gains or results,I just wanted to share my journey with any small progress I achieved and in that way I was looking to inspire anyone out there that is trying to do better for him-herself.Secondly when Jay Cutler himself spends time to leave you a comment full of positivity for a guy like me who I am practically nobody that is a very good reason to try harder and get better.I made some very good friends from this Club among them my brother Jon Mills who has accompanied me in this journey for almost two years now and the amazing Drew Nolan a person  that I deeply respect and admire.Having all these incredible persons gave me motivation and purpose to try harder.Most important thing of all and this is not the last time I will be mentioning this,I learned a lot from Jay's journey and when I go to the gum and executing his training routine I truly believe in this and put everything I have behind this effort.So I am posting there two pictures for all of you to see where I was and where I am now.For number lovers in the first photo I was around 27% of fat.Now I can proudly say I am at 20% and setting my sights for anything close to 15.I want to be a role model for my family that is my answer to Jay for asking me some time ago for my goal and if for any reason I manage to be an example for someone else to be better then I am truly blessed. Sorry for this very long text.Hope everyone is doing great and I want you to know I am very happy to be part of this community even if I don't have the means right now to meet some of you from upclose and specially to the man behind all these the Legend.Thank you and be blessed!


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