4 Day split

  • I recently switched to the 4 days split. I am currently doing back/biceps on Sunday, off day Monday, Tuesday chest/triceps, off Wednesday, Thursday shoulders and Friday Legs. It works very well with my work / school schedule. Does anyone see a problem with not training 2 days, off a day and then 2 more? 

  • I think it all comes down to everyones schedule.....  Its easy for me to say train this or train that as I was paid to do so.

  • @Steve Coffell not at all! Being a father of 3 boys under 5, I walk around at 10% body fat year round, and my split changes sometimes due to work/family life. As Jay said, make it work for YOU, and you'll do it far more consistently :)

  • @Team Cutler Youre a full time bodybuilder tho bro :)

  • @Team Cutler 

    On my 3 week of the 4 day split. I really love this program. At the end of my workouts I am completed depleted. Cannot wait for next week for the DELOAD.

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